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These red flowering shrubs are among the best in hedge shrubs for South Florida. They grow fast, and their dense foliage  stays full to the ground. They’re also versatile enough to work as accents or even as small flowering trees. This attractive plant blooms on and off all year, more in warmer months.

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Each fuzzy red flower resembling (what else) a bottle brush attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, making this plant a good choice for a butterfly garden.

Honeybees love the blossoms as well. Though the bees are busy doing their job, many people are afraid of them so don’t place this plant right next to a door or too close to a walkway.

Another form of bottlebrush is the dwarf shrub “Little John” which can be kept about 3 feet. And the beautiful weeping bottlebrush tree is a popular small landscape tree.

You can encourage the Red Cluster bottlebrush to grow into a handsome multi-trunk tree by keeping the base of the plant free of new shoots.