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Dwarf Buddha Belly Bamboo

Dwarf Buddha Belly Bamboo - Great for privacy hedges. Call The Tree Planters Today!


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  • Common Name: Dwarf Buddha Belly
  • Scientific Name: Bambusa Vulgaris “Wamin”
  • Zone: 9B-11
  • Min. Avg. Temperature Range: 25° to 30°F
  • Origin: Burma
  • Typical Height: 15ft OA
  • Culms (Diameter): 4″
  • Branches: Branchless lower half
  • Habit: Short open clumper
  • Leaves: Medium
  • Uses: Specimen

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Bambusa vulgaris ”Wamin” originates from Burma. The Dwarf Buddha Belly can grow to heights between 12 to 15 feet tall and can withstand temperatures around 30 degrees Fahrenheit making it one of the shortest and cold sensitive of the bunch. The Dwarf Buddha Belly is fast growing.

It will grow to full maturity within three years. It has 3 inch “knotted culms”.

Canes or Culms may suffer frost damage at 27 degrees Fahrenheit, but it will not hurt the roots. When the weather warms, new thicker and taller shoots will appear. This bamboo is commonly found in tropical regions and in the United States does very well in Southern California & Florida.


Dwarf Buddha Belly would make a great addition to any yard with its unique culms and beautiful green foliage. The lower half of the Dwarf Buddha Belly is branchless with very bizarre shortened inflated internodes. This bamboo makes a wonderful specimen tree. This is a most interesting bamboo that will make a good conversation piece for guests. No other bamboo in the world comes even close to a Wamin in overall appearance.

The Dwarf Buddha Belly is one of the easiest bamboos to grow and maintain.

This Bamboo is compact and unusual. It can truly give a home or business that tropical feel. The Dwarf Buddha Belly makes a wonderful landscape specimen or a dense privacy screen.