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Golden Goddess Bamboo

Golden Goddess Bamboo - Great for privacy screens. Call The Tree Planters Today!


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  • Common Name: Golden Goddess
  • Scientific Name: Bambusa Multiplex “Golden Goddess”
  • Zone: 8B-11
  • Min. Avg. Temperature Range: 15° to 20°F
  • Origin: China
  • Typical Height: 10ft OA

  • Culms (Diameter): 1/4″
  • Branches: Equal and dense
  • Habit: Very tight and bushy
  • Leaves: Very Small
  • Uses: Screening, Topiary

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A striking bamboo with very small leaves on slender culms, making it perfectly suited for privacy screens; bright yellow-gold stems are a major year-round attraction; a great choice for smaller landscapes because of its size and non-invasive habit.

The slender canes grow rigidly upright to 10-25’and with good soil and plenty of water, you’ll have a dense and impenetrable hedge or privacy screen in just a couple of years. Poor soil and low water will slow it, but only a little. It can send out underground shoots 10 to 15 feet from the planting, and have the space filled in within two or three years!

This is one tough plant! Once it gets going, it is undeterred by heat or drought, and will grow quite reliably even in less than ideal conditions.

The hollow stems can be harvested to support beans and other garden vines or bound together to create a fence. They have also been many a boy’s impromptu fishing pole, which gives rise to one of its names, Fishing Pole Bamboo.

The Golden Goddess or Bambusa multiplex ‘Golden Goddess’ is a well-mannered clumping bamboo that is non-invasive, fast growing, and easy to maintain. It is very cold hardy withstanding temperatures down to 15 degrees Fahrenheit and extremely drought tolerant once established. This delicate leafed bamboo is perfect for use on a smaller lot or for those seeking the perfect container plant for patios. The Golden Goddess should be planted 4 to 8 feet apart and the spread will fill in quickly, giving you great privacy. As a clumping bamboo is the perfect bamboo for smaller gardens, decorative containers, or screening. It is a graceful bamboo which would add a tropical or exotic feel to your home or garden.

The Golden Goddess makes a beautiful evergreen screen. Within a year you could have a wonderful wall of Golden Goddess for privacy or perhaps in 6 months’ time a beautiful decorative hedge. Due to its thin and densely packed culms, this bamboo is perfect for hedges, and can be trimmed and maintained to any desired shape.

Perhaps you are trying to hide some mechanical equipment this would be the perfect bamboo to accomplish this because it allows access to the important equipment but yet the unsightly equipment is hidden by the beautiful evergreen foliage.

I would say this is the workhorse of bamboos but does have just enough bling to make it a gorgeous choice. This Bamboo is such a beauty with its dark green leaves and green canes.