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Loblolly Pine



Loblolly pine is a North American native which is usually seen from 50 to 80 feet tall with a 35-foot-spread though it is capable of reaching more than 150 feet in height. This extremely fast-growing pine is pyramidal when young making it ideal for screening but loses its lower limbs as it grows older becoming a tall, stately specimen, windbreak, or dappled-shade tree. The six to nine-inch-long evergreen needles turn light green to brown during the winter. The often-paired cones are three to six inches long, red/brown,
and have very sharp spines. They persist on the tree for several years and mature in the fall. The bark of loblolly pine is very thick which helps make this tree very resistant to
fire in the wild.

Height: 50 to 80 feet
Spread: 30 to 35 feet
Crown uniformity: irregular
Crown shape: oval
Crown density: open
Growth rate: fast
Texture: fine


Light requirement: full sun Soil tolerances: clay; sand; loam; acidic; occasionally wet to well-drained Drought tolerance: moderate Aerosol salt tolerance: moderate


Pines are often grouped together in a landscape and they are becoming more popular for planting in parks and in commercial landscapes. They create a light shade which allows grass and other plants to easily grow beneath the canopy. People often complain about the dropping needles, but these may be the same people who complain when it rains. Loblolly pine should be grown in full sun on well-drained, acid soil. It is drought-tolerant once established. The cultivar 'Nana' reaches only 8 to 16 feet in height making it ideal for use as a specimen or screen. It has a dense, rounded silhouette and may become popular, especially for small-scale landscapes, once people discover it. Propagation is by seed. Young trees larger than four feet tall are very difficult to transplant.

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