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The species is a native of the American southwest and is densely clothed in blue/grey leaves and becomes a narrow pyramid, perhaps reaching 50 to 70 feet tall. Exceptionally tolerant of hot, dry conditions, smooth barked Arizona cypress is ideal for use as a screen, hedge, or windbreak. The outer red/brown bark breaks off every year, revealing the fresh, new, bright red, smooth inner bark. Foliage of ‘Carolina Sapphire’ is one of the brightest blues you will ever see. Jump out of the way after planting this cultivar since it springs out of the ground, with young trees growing about 6 feet each year with irrigation. While the native range of this palm is uncertain, it is thought to be indigenous to either North Africa or the Middle East. It is also present in Turkey, Pakistan, and Northwest India, but is thought to have been introduced to these areas long ago through human transport. Although date palm prefers dry climates, it occurs along rivers and streams and in areas of the desert that have underground water sources. In America, this tree
grows well in regions where there is low humidity, although it is found in humid areas like Florida, and where the temperatures do not fall below 15°F. Date palm is slow growing and requires full sun for optimal growth; it can reach heights up to 80 feet. The pinnately compound blue-green to gray-green leaves or fronds can grow to 20 feet in length; leaflets are 1 to 2 feet long and form a “V” shape down the rachis. The petiole (stem that attaches the leaf to the trunk) is considered “false” because it contains 3- to
4-inch thorns that are actually modified leaflets. When young, the trunk bears boots (remnant petioles that were attached to the trunk); when mature, the boots wear and become knobby but still show a characteristic spiraling leaf arrangement. Orange inflorescences can reach lengths of 4 feet, are heavily branched, bear small white blossoms, and grow among the leaves. The oblong edible fruits are 1 to 3 inches long and occur in orange or red masses when mature.


Arecaceae, palm family. Phoenix is the Latin term for the Greek word that means "date palm." Each individual tree is either a male or a female (as is true for all species within this genus). Male trees are extremely allergenic because their pollen is air-borne, whereas the female palms cause minimal to no allergies.


The species name dactylifera means "finger-bearing" and refers to the fruit clusters produced by this palm. Dactylifera is a combination of the Greek word dactylus, or "finger," and the Latin word ferous, or "bearing."

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