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Whether you live around a pack of nosey neighbors or you’d just like to add a bit of privacy to your Florida landscape, have no fear because you have a wealth of choices in privacy plants. If you want to fill those spaces with year-round greenery or colorful blooms, there are screening plants that will fulfill those desires and your landscape’s design.

Regardless of whether you live along the salty coast, in southern regions of the state where temperatures are the hottest or in North Florida where winters can get cold and frosty, there’s Florida-friendly privacy plants that will thrive in your particular environment. When searching for plants to add a bit of privacy to your yard or even a smaller area around a deck or patio, you won’t be disappointed in all the selections that work well as screens. Whether that search includes plants offering colorful blooms, tall and robust growth, or something a bit smaller to add a bit of seclusion to a seating area, selections are vast an varied. We are about to and a new collection to Our Tree Store titled, Privacy, Screens and Borders. Here is some pics of what we mean by our title.


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