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Weeping Bottle Brush Tree

Weeping Bottle Brush Tree - The Tree Planters
Weeping Bottle Brush Tree from The Tree Planters


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The Weeping Bottlebrush Tree is a dream of a tree, one of the most popular small flowering trees for South Florida for its small stature, red flowers, and romantic weeping form. Like a miniature weeping willow, this is one pretty tree, its grace and beauty unrivalled as an artistic specimen or even as a privacy plant.


Each one is unique, clean and hardy, making it a good choice for low-maintenance landscaping. Weeping trees like the bottlebrush add a soft, whimsical touch to the landscape. The streaming branches, the brilliant red blossoms and the small height and full form work in almost any size yard.

Appearing at the end of arching branches, the fuzzy red flowers attract butterflies, hummingbirds and honeybees.


The bottlebrush tree is a moderate to fast grower to about 15 feet tall. Though small in height, it develops a very wide crown made up of arched branch groupings that give it a cascading fountain-like effect. Cold hardy anywhere in Florida (Zone 9B and southward), the bottlebrush is evergreen, moderately salt-tolerant and needs a full to partial sun location. It blooms heavily in spring and then on and off the rest of the year, more during warmer weather.