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Emerald Bamboo

Emerald Bamboo - Great for privacy hedges. Call The Tree Planters Today!


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  • Common Name: Emerald
  • Scientific Name: Bambusa Mutabilis
  • Zone: 9B-11
  • Min. Avg. Temperature Range: 25° to 30°F
  • Origin: China
  • Typical Height: 40ft OA

  • Culms (Diameter): 2″
  • Branches: Branchless lower half
  • Habit: Very erect, tight clumping
  • Leaves: Small
  • Uses: Screening, Specimen

Free Delivery

We offer Free Delivery Within a 50-mile radius of Lakeland, Florida (All other delivery fees will be quoted at time of purchase), and a One-Year Guarantee on every tree planted by The Tree Planters.

Emerald is one of the cleanest, neatest looking specimens we carry. The tall, straight canes on this timber bamboo have very few side shoots so they rarely need pruning. The space between culm sections is unusually long, which give the bamboo an especially striking appearance.