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Graceful Bamboo

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  • Common Name: Slender Weavers
  • Scientific Name: Bambusa Textilis Gracilis
  • Zone: 8B-11
  • Min. Avg. Temperature Range: 15° to 20°F
  • Origin: Southern China
  • Typical Height: 25ft OA

  • Culms (Diameter): 1″
  • Branches: Equal, lower part leafless
  • Habit: Erect with nodding tips
  • Leaves: Very Small
  • Uses: Screening, Weaving

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Graceful bamboo usually grows between 20-25 ft tall with 1 1/4 inch canes however when used in privacy hedge applications Graceful i often trimmed by cutting the tops off at 8-10ft and squared on the sides. Once the tops are cut off, the cane will no longer grow taller but it will send the energy to the lower portion of the cane, creating more leaves on the rest of the cane.

Graceful or also known as Gracilis bamboo does very well in narrow spaces or smaller yards because of its upright growth patterns.

Graceful is one of the more popular clumping bamboos in Orlando Florida and the Florida areas as well as other warm climate areas such as south and north Florida.

Graceful appears to live up to its name by its graceful appearance. Graceful is a slender weaver bamboo “ Bambusa Textilis Gracilis is the full name.

Graceful does very well in full sun or particle shade. This bamboo plant is usually spaced between 3-5 ft apart depending on how fast you want complete privacy.