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Hong Kong Orchid Tree

Hong Kong Orchid Tree - The tree Planters
Hong Kong Orchid from The Tree Planters


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The lovely Hong Kong Orchid Tree produces color from winter through spring, with breathtaking reddish-purple flowers as large as 6 inches across.


One of the most beautiful Florida flowering trees, this is an ideal mid-size tree for snowbirds because of its winter color.


When many other plants aren’t in bloom, one of these magnificent purple-flowering trees can light up an entire landscape. The blossoms usually appear January through May.


The foliage – large gray-green, butterfly-shaped leaves – is attractive in itself and the long, droopy branches create a unique silhouette as they grow into a large, rounded canopy. The flowers attract butterflies and birds including hummingbirds.


Too big for a small yard, the orchid tree is best suited for a large property or as a single specimen in a medium-sized landscape. The one pictured above will likely outgrow its spot at some point. It can act as a shade tree and/or privacy plant, with its fast growth and wide canopy.


There are orchid varieties with different flower colors, but the Hong Kong is an improved cultivar which won’t drop nuisance seed pods (like other orchid trees do) that sprout all over the place.


A fast grower to 30 to 40 feet, this tree prefers a well-drained full to part sun location with plenty of room to spread out. Like all fast-growing trees, the wood is less dense than, say, a live oak which grows more slowly. Therefore it’s best to avoid planting in a high wind area.


This tree is considered moderately cold-tolerant, growing best in Zone 10 and warmer areas of Zone 9B. Though these trees are evergreen, they can lose leaves in an especially cold winter.