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Norfolk Island Pine



This large evergreen has a single upright trunk, tiered branching habit, and a narrow pyramidal or columnar shape. Eventually reaching a height of about 80 feet, the tree possesses a rapid growth rate. The tree would grow taller, but lightning frequently limits height growth in the eastern United States. The bright green, <2-inch-long, individual leaves on young trees are lanceolate and look somewhat like spruce or fir needles at first glance. Mature leaves are somewhat contorted on twisted branches and scale-like.
Both leaf types appear on the tree at the same time. The trunk is often curved and swollen at the base and black. The large, spiny, 10- to 15-pound cones are rare in cultivation.

Height: 60 to 80 feet
Spread: 12 to 20 feet
Crown uniformity: symmetrical
Crown shape: pyramidal, columnar
Crown density: open
Growth rate: fast
Texture: fine


Light requirement: full sun Soil tolerances: clay; sand; loam; alkaline; acidic; well-drained Drought tolerance: high Aerosol salt tolerance: can form large surface roots Winter interest: no Outstanding tree: no Ozone sensitivity: unknown Verticillium wilt susceptibility: unknown Pest resistance: resistant to pests/diseases

Use and Management

Although they provide some shade, they are not suitable for patios or terraces because they are too large and large surface roots are common. In addition, columnar-formed trees generally cast limited shade due to the narrow crown. Many people forget how tall these trees grow. They often have an attractive pyramidal form (like a fir or spruce tree) when they are small, but they quickly grow too tall for most residential sites. They can live as a house plant for a long time if not overwatered. Growing best in full sun locations, this tree thrives on a variety of soils and is moderately salt tolerant. Young plants should be watered well, especially during periods of drought. Be sure to prune out multiple trunks or leaders as they should be grown with one central leader.

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