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Simpson’s Stopper 

Simpson's Stopper from The Tree Planters
Simpson's Stopper - The Tree Planters


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Simpson’s Stopper or “Twinberry” is a shrub that makes everybody happy – with flowers that attract butterflies, fruit that birds enjoy, and the ease of care that homeowners love about this South Florida native plant. 

One of the best wildlife plants for our area, this plant is cold hardy, salt tolerant, drought-tolerant once established and grows slowly so maintenance is at a minimum. The small white fragrant blossoms appear on and off all year. The bloom is heaviest in spring, with pretty white flowers decorating the plant.

After the flowers comes the fruit…bright red berries that are a favorite of the mockingbird (Florida’s state bird), blue jay, and cardinal. Shrubs with berries can make a mess but in this case the berries are tiny and quickly consumed by birds…and they’re edible people-food as well.

This is a wonderful shrub or small tree for sun or shade…there are actually benefits to both types of light. In a sunny location the leaves grow dense and the plant takes on a full shape. In more shade the foliage is less dense, showing off the attractive smooth bark on the trunk.

You can keep this shrub sheared to 6 to 8 feet as a hedge or let it grow larger (as much as 20 feet) as a multi-branched small tree. The name “stopper” is believed to refer to the legend of Indians using the fruit to stop diarrhea.

An alternative meaning is that these plants form a “thicket” that stops people from passing through them. Simpson’s stopper works anywhere – whether kept well-manicured for a formal landscape or left to grow in a more natural form for a casual design. It makes a great ornamental tree for a small yard…though you might want to buy a bigger plant to start with, since its growth rate is fairly slow.

These plants are salt tolerant and a good choice for coastal properties. You’ll also sometimes see it on roads leading to the beach, planted in medians where it only gets Mother Nature’s care and tending (and an occasional shearing by maintenance crews).

 This evergreen shrub is a slow to moderate grower that takes sun to partial shade. It’s cold hardy and does fine in Zone 9 and southward.

Landscape uses for Simpson’s Stopper

    • hedge
    • large accent 
    • single yard specimen – large shrub or small tree
    • anchor for a mixed bed or native plant garden
    • backdrop for smaller plants
    • by a birdbath and/or feeder
    • corner-of-the-house shrub
    • in pairs on each side of driveway entrance
    • for shade or privacy by a deck, patio or pool