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Winged Elm will easily adapt to full sun or partial shade, growing quickly on any soil. It is an adaptable tree and is well-suited for planting in parking lot islands, along streets or as a yard shade tree.

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Delivery is included in the price of your tree. We proudly serve the entire state of Florida. (All other delivery fees will be quoted at time of purchase), and a One-Year Guarantee on every tree planted by The Tree Planters.

The Winged Elm must be pruned regularly beginning at an early age and continuing through about age 30 to eliminate double and multiple trunks. This is easier on some trees than on others. It is easier on those that form a natural central leader and a more-or-less pyramidal shape, others are more difficult to prune correctly because of the vase shaped with many leaders originating from one spot on the trunk. Select branches which form a wide angle with the trunk, eliminating those with narrow crotches. Strive to produce a central trunk with major lateral limbs spaced along the trunk.

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“Note from Joel”

I love, love, love this tree.  It is truly one of the most unique trees in Florida.  When fully foliated, it is a large canopied, weeping tree that will beautify any setting.  When defoliated, you get to clearly see the winged effect on all the limbs and even the trunk.  The winged effect is almost eerie because of its uniqueness.  If you want something no one else has, this it it.  

Winged elm (U. alata) is a large (up to 100 feet) distinctive tree native to upland wooded areas. Named for the numerous and showy corky wings that adorn its branches and trunk, this tree is one of those rare species that remains as attractive after leaf-fall as before. Because this occurs naturally in upland site, winged elms are drought tolerant and adapt well to most landscape situations without stress. It also is resistant to Dutch elm disease. At present, this tree is under-used in developed landscapes, but its beauty and adaptability give it great potential.