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Check out this Sylvester with a unique natural spiral. This is a rare find and is available for a limited time only. Browse our You Tube Channel and look at some awesome trees and work. Contact us at: https://thetreeplanters.com/​ YOUR #1 SOURCE FOR “LARGE, RARE AND EXOTIC PALMS AND TREES, PLANTED AND GUARANTEED. At The Tree Planters, we have installed and transplanted thousands of large trees of every variety all over Florida for over 50 years. Every tree we sell, we plant. Every tree we plant, we guarantee for One Full Year. We provide our clients with the highest quality trees that are perfectly suited for their unique property. TREE TRANSPLANTING At The Tree Planters, we will transplant your trees to another area of your property, or to another property. SEE HOW EASY IS TO SHOP ONLINE AT https://thetreeplanters.com/our-tree-…​ GET STARTED WITH FOUR EASY STEPS Find the tree you want. Check out our tree catalog where you can also purchase your trees online. If you don’t see the tree that you would like to buy or if you are not sure what trees would enhance your property ask for a free consultation and we will be happy to help. Your free consultation. We visit your home to evaluate the space needed for the trees of your choice and that we can access the area with our equipment. We then provide you with a quote which includes the delivery and set up of your new trees. Pay for your tree. We accept all major credit cards, cash and check. You can pay for your tree online or when we come out for your consultation. We do require payment in full before we proceed with the job. It can take up to 2 weeks for us to get your tree installed. Watch us work. Our crew is incredible. Each tree installer is experienced, efficient and knowledgeable. At The Tree Planters our goal is to exceed your expectations. Our customers love the work we do and tipping is acceptable but definitely not required.