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The Glossy Privet/Ligustrum is a beautiful ornamental tree that can also be used as a hedge.

At The Tree Planters, we offer to leave the tree with all of it’s foliage or we can prune the tree so that you can see through the tree. You will often see the Glossy Privet/Ligustrum pruned into an umbrella shape creating a gorgeous canopy of shade.These trees are not a good choice as a landscape centerpiece but they will add beauty to your property when used as an ornamental tree or hedge. They stay dark green in color, and when pruned regularly they are a great addition to your landscape, standing up to winds well and adapts to many poor soil areas. The Glossy Privet/Ligustrum is a good choice along a drive or roadway because it is tolerant of air pollution and is hardy.

We offer the Glossy Privet/Ligustrum, as well as a variety of other trees, in The Tree Planters online store. If you do not see the tree that you would like to purchase please contact us and we can help. We also remove and transplant large trees. 

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More information on the Glossy Privet/Ligustrum or to purchase a tree from The Tree Planters 


WARRANTY: All Trees and Palms are guaranteed for a period of ONE YEAR, shrubs and groundcovers for 90 days, and sod 14 days from the date of installation. This guarantee does not cover death or damage due to acts of nature such as freeze, storms, wind, flood, or disease.

The owner/client shall provide proper maintenance care of the landscape including and not limited to the plantings, staking, irrigation system, and sod immediately upon substantial completion. LACK OF PROPER MAINTENANCE SHALL VOID WARRANTY.

Photo credit: Taken by Fanghong

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